Georgie O’Keeffe – Draw Big!

Get a little closer!

Georgia O’Keeffe inspired art lessons

Georgia O’Keeffe painted flowers up close— you’ve seen her calendar pictures.  Students of any grade can imitate her style.  You can use color or white construction paper and various mediums to create lovely works of art.  Included in this post are some student created “Georgia O’Keefe Flowers.” You are sure to see even more beautiful creations in person when you teach your students about her style.  

Watercolor Flowers

Tips for Kids to Draw BIG

  1. Tell them the flower feel off right off the paper!  This was such a cute suggestion!
  2. Students MUST touch all 4 sides of the paper with their object
  3. Give several examples and non examples of what is the right size and what isn’t
  4. Give students many different examples of TYPES of flowers to ensure variety
  5. Review the word OVERLAPPING and talk about how petals overlap
Using the rules listed above, have the students draw a flower in pencil then outline it in Sharpie.
After students outline with Sharipe,  have them define some parts with colored watercolor markers, wc crayons or wc pencils.  Then, have the students fill in the spaces with watercolor paints. If students choose a cool color for the flower, have them to do a warm background. If they choose a warm colored flower, suggest a cool background. This lesson can be used to review warm and cool colors for the students.

12×18 white construction paper 
pencils & erasers 
watercolor crayons, pencils or markers
paintbrushes and cups of water

Thanks to The Art of Education for this lesson.


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