Apple Crate to Monet Masterpiece

Monet Lily Ponds

FINALLY, a use for the apple crates I gathered from the grocery! These have been stashed on the top shelf in the art room for a year!!! YAY!!

I love Claude Monet.  I love teaching students about him and his art work.  I came up with the idea to paint a Monet lily pond from an inspiring post from Painted Paper.
First my 4th grade students painted blue apple trays in Monet style using a variety of blue tempera paints, violet, green, white, pearl it and texture it paint mediums.
I told them to make sure to paint the whole tray, even the sides!
Students then made lily pads with green painted paper, and flowers with tissue paper.  We talked a lot about balance when adding lily pads and flowers to their trays.
Pictures and concept for this project come from The Paper Pear on blogspot. Thank you!

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