Painting like Dale Chihuly

A fantastic Lesson from Pepperpaints

Painting Like Dale Chihuly

chihuly painting

Chihuly is well know for his glass works but his paintings and his painting style is also impressive. Click the picture below to see a few google images of his paintings

To mimic Chihuly’s style of painting we layered paint on to canvas through several steps. We used sheets from a canvas pad. Be sure to paint on the correct side so the edges don’t roll. We used acrylic paint.

The first layer of paint when on with a brayer


The second layer went on with a broom-allowing the first layer to show through




Next layer was splatter painting


And then we used “puffy paint” for the final layer  DIY puffy paint recipe here



Each one ended up so different and the kids really enjoyed applying each different layer. I did choose specific colors for each layer so that the darker colors went on first and and then in small amounts last, hoping to keep the layers visually separate.



This collage is made up of all the kids paintings

chihuly painting

I can see why Chihuly is also well known for his splatter painted shoes after this class!! I loved both the process as well as the product of this project!


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