A filler – for the art lesson that wasn’t long enough for a few students…

Some kids are done… What do I do?…  I need a quick sub plan… I’m sick as a dog today… Here’s an idea.

Inspired by this Flickr find.

Here is a great site for grid paper.  Who knew this was even out there?  How cool!  (click here)
A couple of suggestions about presenting this lesson.

  • make single blocks to start with ’til the pupils get the hand of it
  • always start with a top surface-have some cubes and cuboids around for them to observe
  • get them to self check their drawings by looking for Vertical and diagonal lines only, (no horizontal)
  • remind them that diagonal lines bust always pass through a dot, to make them the correct angle.now blogging at www.mrscrosbie.blogspot.com

Thank you Minimatisse (http://minimatisse.blogspot.com/) for this handy idea!


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