Emergency art lessons… pretty cool stuff

The school system in Anchorage has a pdf online for emergency art lessons.  There’s a lesson for each greade k – 6. Here’s an  example of a 4th Grade lesson:


Drawing Grade Level: 4
Objective: Abstracting objects

White drawing paper, 11 x11″
Black fine point drawing pens

Objects to draw:

glue bottles, markers, pencils large paint brushes, tape dispenser,
Other objects from the art room

school supplies

Artists & Visuals:
Art prints showing
abstract style:
Picasso, etc.

Abstract, realistic,
outline, overlap,

1. Discuss and demonstrate ways to draw an object in an abstract manner: use
straight lines instead of curved, and vice versa, distort shape or size, overlap
objects creating new shapes, draw objects going off the page, etc.
2. Students will select one object from the group on their table to draw. Draw
outline of object in an abstract style using pen. Make it large enough to go
from edge of paper to at least the center of page. Turn paper % tum, so a new
edge is at the bottom.
3. Draw the next object so it goes off the page and overlaps part of the first
drawing, creating new shapes.
4. Keep adding objects, turning paper each time, until paper is filled with
interesting shapes. It is okay to repeat some objects, in a different size or
5. Color each shape, using a variety of bright colors. Student’s name on picture.
6. Allow 5 minutes for cleanup.

Here’s the direct link to the pdf: http://www.asdk12.org/depts/art/teachers/ES/EmergencySub_ArtLessonsK6.pdf


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