One Last Lesson

Yes! You can put away the Art Room and still have something to do.

The students probably have the supplies for this artwork in their desks already. And the best thing (imho) here, is that the concepts and practiced skill learned in this lesson will give them something to do all summer or whenever they’re “bored”.


if you wanted to learn/teach a bit about an artist they will see often once your students know what they’re looking for, tell them a little about Escher, Vasarely or Riley. Have a look here to learn about  five additional op-art artists and examples of their work.



Thanks to some very creative Pinners and Bloggers, I have something more than artist info to share.

Here is a detailed lesson from That Little Art Teacher

The Frugal Crafter has also posted a great tutorial


With colors, sharpie, a ruler and a sheet of paper, your students will have fun learning to create art that will fill hours of boredom. It’s rather simple and some of those students who catch on fast can help the others.





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